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Our model is designed to guide you through the process of achieving results across digital platforms.

Build an action plan

Before you begin to implement any form of marketing strategy, it is vital that your business goals are clear. Create a formula based on current stats and trends outlines financial goals, breaking these down into sales goals, and understanding how many leads are required to reach them. For example, you need 40 leads per month to convert 8 sales at an average of $30 to breakeven.


Client profile

Determine your target market! Break it down into categories of demographics such as income, age, housing, location etc; then into psychographics including attitudes, habits, aspirations, interests, hobbies etc. Put yourself in their shoes so you can understand how to reach them and how to speak to them!


Design your brand & content

Invest in strategically branded content that will deliver strong messaging throughout your marketing. Think about how you'd like others to perceive your brand and clearly outline the colours and fonts that will be used when creating streamlined content.


Develop a marketing cycle

See the below graphic and explanation.



Establishing online presence

Including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Then LinkedIn and Youtube if applicable.



Ensure it is functional and user-friendly. Make sure it has a point of difference and use tools of conversions.


Ads Funnel

Create ads that drive traffic to your online presence and website, then funnel them into an educative sequence that drives conversions.


Customer Relations

Create a system for handling enquiries and abandoned carts. Encourage reviews and generate social proof. An automated system is often required.


Email Marketing

This will increase return sales and higher average value sales whilst creating a tribe of VIPs.


PR & collaborative marketing

Create a stronger online presence through unique exposure opportunities.



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