We are more than just ballsy marketers

We become part of your team.
So you need to like us!

Truth Bomb:

You’re kinda quivering.

Because while you’re a master at what you do, you’re time-poor. Clueless about scaling. Orrr you’ve been burnt by other agencies who overcharge and under-deliver. 

We have too.

You crave a partner who ‘gets’ your vibe. Who doesn’t mislead and achieves r.e.s.u.l.t.s. 

We do too.

We offer ballsy marketing for people who want to partner with good humans. And it works, cause if it doesn’t, we don’t stop until it does.

Nice to meet ya.


Our belief:

Marketing has very little to do with you and I.

And everything to do with your customers. Their eyes, minds and behaviours.

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The story you didn’t ask for:

Rewind to 2016. We were just a couple of new mums with a whole lotta passion. A mixed bag of trying to stay sane (and not broke) while on maternity leave. We’ve grown up since our humble beginnings. But we’ll always remain true to our roots. 

Today we champion women and reimagine working environments. We create jobs that allow for freedom, family, fulfilment and unshakeable success.

Why are we different?

Ballsy experts

No Jills of all trades. Our team is made up of a collection of experts in each marketing field, who work their butts off to innovate in the industry and implement our unique strategy. 

No robot vibes

… Except if you ask us to dance. Our collaborative approach means you’ll know exactly what’s next and that we’re never free-balling your marketing.

We are human

Not here to confuse ya. Just straight-talking, fluff-free conversations with real people who won’t sleep until we’ve delivered on our promise.

Meet your marketers

A nimble team of talented marketers, content creators and website makers who’ll work their butts off for you.

Jessica Ndenda

Creative genius-slash-hot mess. Consumer psychology obsessed. Unapologetically bold brainstormer, strategiser and workshopper. Happiest after eating a block of cheese. 10 years experience. Frock fan (pants are leg prisons).

Known penguin facts
Offspring birthed
Sentences finished quickly
Copy of Copy of DO NOT EDIT ME - SOCIALS (Presentation (169)) (1)

Gabbi Samadi

Junior Associate

Book nerd on the Gold Coast with NYC dreams. Pioneers the hottest social media trends. Develops strategies. Keeps the content team on the ball. Crazy for storytelling through marketing. Win her heart with pizza or a well-constructed reference list. 

Podcast colour-coded
Hours spent driving to the office
Words Spoken in meeting

Sonya Wyer

Advertising Specialist

Hip hop teacher turned ads expert. Toddler whisperer. Loves to celebrate the team and client successes. Gives Prosecco a run for its money when it comes to bubbliness. Addicted to data and strategic planning. CEO of keeping Jess caffeinated, organised and safe.

Board games tanties chucked
Cheeky Hungry Jack runs

Larissa Drazic

Design & Creative Manager

Photographer, videographer and graphic designer with rock-hard abs. Speaks fluent Swiss-German and Jess. Grooves to RnB. Entrepreneurial from birth. Always wanted to change the world through creativity. Bribe her with chocolate and cheese

Photos of pretty things taken
Meals eaten in a single sitting
Daily ab envy nods received

Alyssa Magarry

Content Creator & EDM Specialist

Little Miss Sunshine. A sucker for connecting with different people and businesses. Pyjama pants are appropriate office wear. Marketing sparked her interest when she was a singer. Beach bum. Can make a legit dolphin noise.

Client emails written
Dark chocolates bars stashed
Nuns played in musicals

Reginald Ndenda


Mr Olive Louise Social who wants to be a farmer when he grows up (but is actually an expert in IT for marketing purposes). Pioneers tech and web development strategies. Believes Glen 20 and milk cure all diseases. From Zimbabwe and also loves dogs.

Cows loved
Weekly Ferrari dreams
Correct pronunciations of quiche

Cindy Warner

Content Creator & Ads Assistant

Outdoorsy lasagne lover. Creates mind-blowing TikToks and social posts. Visits clients on the reg. Can’t park to save her life. Built for spontaneity. Researcher extraordinaire. Adventures are essential. Terrified about having kids.

Sex wax themed air fresheners
So fresh CD's
Brooklyn 99 episodes binged

My Jorgensen

Content Strategist

Meet My – Yes, My. (Pronounced ‘me’) – a Swedish girl crushing it as a content strategist and creative on the Gold Coast. She’s all about that creativity: Whether that be creating illustrations, telling stories, or making political comics for her graduation project. Used to live in Tokyo. Obsessed with cats and good coffee.

16 countries visited
times name has been pronounced correctly abroad
song lyrics memorised

Paige Mckay

Content Creator

Children’s charity worker by day and performer by night. Loves collaborating with like minded people and believe’s that laughter is the best medicine. Really bad at Geography. Animal lover, green thumb & always down for a boogie.

hours played on Animal Crossing
professional musicals performed in
photos of her dog Lucy

Proof's in
the pudding

Let's do this

If dangerously bold marketing sounds like your cup of tequila, let’s make this thing official. Send your message, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours