Meet Phat Boy

Thai dining unlike it has ever been done before


Phat Boy was the newest addition from the Brisbane creator of the infamous Phat Elephant, Chapter IV, Chai Thai and many more.  Our brief was to simply fill the large restaurant with bums on seats from day 1! Launching into the prestigious Brisbane Quarter in 2019 we knew we were going to have to make some noise to gain traction in a new dining precinct and overcrowded market. This was not going to be your average launch strategy…



  • Killer content strategy showcasing the unique dining environment and impeccable food
  • Developed a tone of voice across all digital assets showcasing the fun environment of the venue and stood out from the crowd
  • Implemented a PR delivery to neighboring businesses, inviting all staff to lunch opening month
  • Launched witty as-flop ad campaigns 
  • Facilitated PR strategies including an influencer strategy, user-generated content collection, reviews generation and collabs with the dining precinct


We launched with a full house and have maintained consistent bookings over the past 3 years, positioning Phat Boy as the go-to for a fun and unique dining experience that celebrates Thai flavors with a twist. We also moved through the hurdles of Covid closures with innovative ideas and strategies to re-engage diners while increasing profitability.


Grew a converting and engaged audience within the first month

3/4 fully booked

Consistent bookings and often booked out 5 days a week ongoing

1.9k comments on a post

Our launch post generated comments of people drooling and tagging over the Kung Tung (Google it and thank us later)

60K p/m avg engagements

Keeping people talking and re-engaging years after the launch strategy

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