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The quirkiest shoes and accessories for the most inclusive and quirkiest of communities


Popping Candy had tremendous organic growth by building a very quirky and loyal community. Our brief was to scale their foundational growth to meet revenue KPI’s, diversify with product launches, new audiences and locations.



  • Revisited branding, messaging, and positioning
  • Implemented a comprehensive content marketing strategy across all social channels
  • Implemented a paid ads campaign that converted new customers into loyal repeat purchasers
  • Nurtured return sales and a growing community through email marketing campaigns and automations synced with an in-depth customer journey
  • Facilitated a rebrand, new website build and upgrade of marketing software to sustain growth
  • Facilitated influencer campaigns and content shoots


Popping Candy’s revenue has grown significantly year on year since commencing. We have also worked to increase profitability by building a strategy to increase the popularity of self-produced products and wholesale relationships.

Now we are showing off... but check out these email marketing results!

Popping Candy case study (1)

50 x

That is return on ad spend for those playing at home, returning an average of 50x what is spent monthly

11% Google Conversion

Producing a click through rate of 4.67% and growing conversions

4.37 AVG
Order rate
via email

Via email marketing campaigns with an open rate of 56%

62k AVG

From their incredible community across social media channels

Gayle Curmi
Gayle Curmi@poppingcandy
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My beautiful kooky wonderful shoe biz has just finished our second annual “Twelve Days of Christmas in July” promo where we have different deals or new product launches every day for 12 days. Last year in the midst of covid, it was a game changer for us, doing just over $110k in sales across the twelve days. Then earlier this year we added some social media support using Olive Louise Social and the powerhouse that is Jessica Ndenda. Thanks to Jess and her team, this year’s sale has given us almost 1000 orders in TWELVE DAYS and a tally of $220k, effectively DOUBLING last years massive success!!!!!!! To say I am grateful is possibly the understatement of the century. I don’t know what else to say except a humble thanks from the bottom of my black heart to Jess and her awesome staff, as well as to my beautiful team of three (buckle up babes!!!) here at Popping Candy… and now I’m gonna go have a cry into my coffee and start packing orders. Happy tears!!!!!!

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